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NIKK meeting started out with Sharon telling tales of koi in Japan.  Judy and Sharon had taken some really great pictures that were explained as Greg clicked away at the slide show.  All in attendance today marveled at the unmistakable quality of Toshio Sakai's koi.  Sharon also talked about their trip with hi-lights of a few cultural cuisine and wine country festivities. 
Next, our NIKK members that traveled to NKF in New Jersey took their turn of slide show presentation.  Robert gave a detailed explanation of a air up flow filter system as witnessed by NIKK members at NKF.  Quality Koi, Mat McCann, is doing a study for local university and part of the study will be the up flow systems. 
Ochiba Monday from last years grow out contest (koi picked out last year by NIKK members and a few others present) were harvested on Monday this year after the main event Sunday at Quality Koi.  Mat McCann spent two hours Monday morning showing and explaining what a farmer/breeder looks for when selecting top koi to remain at the farm and grow out in mud ponds.  We all learned a great deal during this trip to the NKF, especially on Monday Grow Contest.  Lots of fun and kidding between contestants with Dan pick last year winning first place tategoi and Robert a very close 2nd.  Quality Koi will again sponsor a grow out contest with koi selected during 2007 Manic Monday harvest, this years edition was much larger with people from all over the USA entering.  Robert, Greg and Dan are once again are in the hunt for 2008. 
Chuck polished off our meeting with a few pictures of beautiful photos taken prior to their arrival at NKF, Chuck and Alice spent a couple of weeks touring New England.  One photo, Phyllis A., a dry docked fishing schooner got some fun laughs.  A few of those photos taken by Chuck and Alice would make great post cards with all the fall colors displayed one a winding New England road through the countryside.
Next meeting @ Chuck and Alice's place, theme "tis the season", Sunday December 16th 6:00-10:00 pm.  Robert will entertain all guests with his clarinet and ensemble, if anything like last year this will be a hoot of a time.  What a great way to wrap up and very fun, exciting and educational NIKK year!