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Followup on the Koi Study project at Olson's

On behalf of the NIKK membership we would like to take this opportunity to thank Dan & Sharon for hosting our May meeting and conducting the continued study of  koi imported last May from Toshio and Miwa Sakai.  This is an ongoing study of Sanke and Showa, three different grades of koi.  Sharon and Dan have been caring for them now for a year. Loaded with pictures in hand from two prior photo sessions and discussions, we are able to continue watching the development, or in some cases, lack of development, in these study koi. There was lots of dialogue between members. Unfortunately, Dick Benbow wasn’t able to participate this time to provide his observations. We missed you Dick and trust that you and Joanne are feeling better and on the road to recovery.


We had a beautiful day for our May meeting

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And what a beautiful setting
Click on any of the photos for a larger view

It was fascinating to see how the koi had grown and how their patterns had changed from October - you can see 2006 photos at the bottom of the page - see if you can recognize the koi now!


We also had some guests visit our workshop, John Seifert of Spokane, Carman Stafford, who came with Ron and Gloria Boedecker from the Tri-cities, Stu and Jan Frysinger of Spirit Lake and Jim & Sherry  Zeutenhorst (NIKK members) came up from Pasco, and John Trevethan was also able to escape the work machine to attend. The meeting was well attended and thanks to all who shared their thoughts and viewpoints