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Carmen sent us an update on what Ron's been doing - it will be fun to see his progress in May!!









In 2007, NIKK members traveled south for a great meeting!
Four vehicles traveled to Richland to attend June's meeting at Ron & Gloria Boedeker's home - following a great presentation on the importance of quarantine, we were treated to a barbecue lunch by the pond - then Ron continued with a demonstration on handling koi for examination, the importance of sterlizing to prevent the spread of parasites or bacteria using a simple 25% bleach solution, proper procedures for anesthesizing koi and finally drawing blood.


Entering their back yard, we were greeted by beautiful koi flying in the air above Ron & Gloria's pond area - a gazebo setting sheltered the ponds and their koi with shade fabric hanging high over head - a wonderful setting for our June meeting.


Bruce Todd studies the Boedeker's facility as he continues to develop his "in progress" koi pond!


Chuck and Phyllis check out one of Ron's filtration systems - by his own admission, Ron like to keep changing things.  His latest experiment involves trickle fill water changing, using a system of kaldes to eliminate the chlorine from his water supply.


Robert studies Ron's elaborate quarantine facility.


A highlight of the meeting was Ron's demonstration of drawing blood from a living koi for the purpose of lab analysis to give yet another step in the testing to assure no possibility of introducing any viruses in to his general population.  His dedication to do everything he can to prevent possibilities of spreading KHV is to be commended - and sets a good example for all of us in the koi keeping hobby.  The photo on the right was taken during the process and clearly demonstrated proper procedures for obtaining this specimen.


You can see the shadows that the shade fabric casts on the water surface - yet it's hanging high over the pond and doesn't interfere with viewing the koi.


Judy and Greg watch the koi swimming in the clear water of the main pond.


Alice & Judy carry on a lively discussion as Carmen, Greg, Ron, Robert and Bruce study the skimmer setup - Phyllis & Chuck just enjoy watching the koi swim.


Ron's philosophy of koi keeping centers around proper and thorough quarantine.  His tanks built in to his quarantine building demonstrate that he really does practice what he preaches - his two tanks are set up for year round operations and include dedicated filtration for the guests during their stay.