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Kohaku and Microscopes

Phyllis focuses a microscope while Sharon & Dan prepare to present Kohaku

Robert, Ron, Gloria, Alice, Chuck,John, Bruce & Sharon fine tune their microscope skills
Gene starts the meeting

Phyllis, Sharon & Bruce with a variety of members' microscopes

Our February meeting was another great gathering of friends and fellow koi keepers.  We were delighted to have new members Ron & Gloria Boedeker join our group as we discussed the Kohaku variety and practiced using our microscopes in preparation of the spring excitement as our ponds warm and the koi and their accompanying parasites come to life again.  Since the parasites are also quiet in the cold weather, we had to make do with studying microscopic creatures found in "pond scum" collected from water plants enjoying the warm weather in Anderson's Redneck Koi Barn. 
Sharon & Dan led the Kohaku discussion, and as usual, there was much participation among our members.  We all learned more about our microscopes and advantages of available features.  When the weather warms up, we plan to start pond-side labs to help members become more comfortable checking their koi for parasites.  Those who have experience with the microscopes shared their insight and offered tips that benefit us all.
Our host and hostess provided a wonderful crockpot soup to warm us as we headed home after the meeting.