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The Alita pump you all saw at the meeting at Linnebach's is now installed.  Robert and I went out to House of Hose and picked up the fittings and forty feet of tubing.  Robert was going to help me install it the next day.  I decided I would surprise him (and all who know me) by installing it myself.  Since we have scraps of wood around here from every project that's ever been done, I had no trouble locating the perfect piece for the shelf.  I also found some shelf brackets and screws in Alice's toolroom.  I put the shelf as high has I could in the pump shack, and drilled a hole at the top front of the building to snake the tubing through.  When I noticed that the tubing would be too low to allow anyone to walk by, I grabbed a 1X2 laying on the ground, left over from the contruction, and drilled a hole in it.  I attached it to the tent superstructure as you can see, enabling me to keep the tubing above pedestrians.  Now a 5'10" person can walk under it without touching it.  I'm just using one air stone right now, venting the rest of the air into the pump shack. The picture of the roiling water was taken before I throttled it down.