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2012 Inland Northwest Koi Show

Click here for the 2012 Koi Show Brochure

Click here for the complete koi show package in pdf format

Click here for the Koi Show Tank Reservation form

Click here for the banquet reservation form







Inland Empire Water Garden & Koi Society


North Idaho Koi Keepers


Saturday, July 14, 2012


John & Linda Seifert’s Home

10304 E. Upriver Drive

Spokane, Washington




Saturday, July 14, 2012

7:00 am -10:00 am



Larry Gill, ZNA, AKCA

Assistant Dick Benbow




Noonish to 5:00 pm




Saturday, 5:30 pm



Saturday evening following the banquet

Sunday morning by 10:00 am




John Seifert

Telephone: (509) 924-7672 (Cell at show: (509) 279-5437) Email:

Dan Olson

Telephone: (509) 435-1430 Email:



Koi Show and Workshop Format

·         Entrants – During entry you may ask the judges and other entrants/members questions about the size and classifications of your koi.

·         Judging and Workshop – This is a workshop to appreciate the attributes of Nishikigoi.  We believe the best way to do this is to have a “teaching” koi show.  The judges will make comments regarding the koi they are judging.  The judges will encourage you to participate in the judging process.  You may ask questions of the judges about any particular koi they are judging.  Time permitting, after the workshop, entrants may ask the judges for a personal critique of the koi in their tank.

·         Please - Keep in mind the limited time we have to complete the workshop.

·         Please - respect the feelings of your fellow entrants.

·         Please - respect the decision of the judges.

·         Remember – This is a learning experience and we hope you learn something new, no matter your level of experience.  Have Fun!


Entrant’s Responsibilities

·         Tank set up - Thursday, July 12, 6:00 am to dusk – Entrants are responsible for setting up their own tanks.  If you live more than 75 miles away or are physically unable, we will set up your tanks for you.  Your help would be appreciated for setting up the flow-through water system and air.

·         Benching – Entrants are responsible for benching their koi and placing them in the correct size and classification.  If you are in doubt as to size or classification we can help you when you check-in.  We will recheck the koi only if there is a challenge to your size or classification.

·         Photos – Entrants are responsible for providing photos of their koi.  Please provide the photos in an electronic format.  USB flash drive is best, a CD is good and a camera with cable will work.  Please provide the photos in a .JPG format.  Label each photo with owner’s name, classification and size.  For example: olson.kohaku.4.jpg.  If you are unsure of the variety, enter “help” for the classification.  If you are not sure of the size, guess by using the two closest sizes i.e. 4-5. (If using “help” or a range of sizes, we will correct at check-in.)  If you are not able to label each picture in the above format, please take a picture of your name, koi class & size followed by a picture or pictures of that particular koi; do this for each koi entered.  You may also email your photos by early Friday evening to John Seifert

·         Equipment – Entrants must provide their own nets.  They may also provide their own show tanks and bowling tubs if they desire.

·         Wrangling – Entrants are responsible to handle and bowl their own koi for the judges.  If you do not feel comfortable in wrangling your koi, we will gladly provide assistance for you.

·         Check-out – Following the banquet (about 6:30 pm) you may bag your koi to take home.  We will provide oxygen.  You will need to provide bags, boxes and rubber bands.  If you are staying overnight or cannot take your koi home Saturday evening, you may leave the koi until Sunday morning.  We request all koi be removed by Sunday 10:00 am.

·         Tank tear down – Sunday, July 13, 10:00 am to 6:00 pm – Entrants are responsible for tearing down their tanks.  The tanks must be cleaned, sanitized, dried, folded, and ready for next year’s show.  If you live more than 75 miles away or are physically unable, we will do this for you.




Super 8, 2020 N Argonne, Spokane Valley, (509) 928-4888

Motel 6, 1919 N Hutchinson Rd, Spokane Valley, (509) 928-0115

Both are within 2.5 miles of the show site.

For other recommendations, please contact either of the show chairs.


Directions: From Interstate 90, Exit 287, turn north onto Mullen Road (Mullen merges into Argonne) and continue north on Argonne for 1.8 miles, crossing the Spokane River to Upriver Drive (traffic light).  Turn right (east) on Upriver and go ¾ mile to 10304 E Upriver Drive.


Show Site

John & Linda Seifert’s home

10304 E Upriver Drive

Spokane Washington





SIZES:                        #1 (up to 9”)   #2 (over 9” to 12”)  #3 (over 12” to 16”)   #4 (over 16” to 20”)   #5 (over 20” to 24”)    #6 (over 24” to 28”)    #7 (over 28”)  – size includes tails


Varieties:                    Kohaku                                                 Sanke                         Showa

Utsuri  (a)                                   Bekko  (a)                Asagi/Shusui                                            Goromo  (b)                             Goshiki            (b)                  Hikari Muji                                 Hikari Moyo                            Tancho                                   Kawarigoi                                   Kin Gin Rin                             Doitsu                           Longfin 


(a)    Varieties may be combined if less than 3 in either variety.

(b)   Varieties may be combined if less than 3 in either variety.



AWARDS:                  Grand Champion                    

Reserve Champion A (Gosanke)

Reserve Champion B (non-Gosanke)

Mature Champion (sizes #6 & #7)

Young Champion (sizes #3, #4 & #5)

Baby Champion (sizes #1 & #2)

Best in Size #1

Best in Size #2

Best in Size #3

Best in Size #4

Best in Size #5

Best in Size #6

Best in Size #7


Best in each Variety


                                    AKCA Award – Most Photogenic

                                    PNKCa Award – Best Tategoi                                                                                                              Novice Award – never shown in any koi show          

                                    Peoples’ Choice Award – Most beautiful collection of Koi in a Tank

                                    Friendship Awards (to be announced)

                                    Other Special Awards (to be announced)



Category details:

  • Kin Gin Rin – We encourage you to enter your Kin Gin Rin in this category.  At your option, you may enter a Kin Gin Rin in another appropriate category.  Once the fish has been benched and you enter the fish in Kin Gin Rin or another category, neither you nor the judges can make any changes in category.
  • Doitsu – We encourage you to enter Doitsu, with certain exceptions, in this category.  At you option, you can enter Doitsu koi in another category.  Once the fish has been benched neither you nor the judges, can make any changes in category.  Exceptions include: Shusui must go in the Asagi/Shusui category; Kumonryu must go in the Kawarigoi class; and any other koi which should be placed in Hikari Moyo class.
  • Hariwake will be judged in the Hikari Moyo class;




Preparing Your Koi For The Show


Take only healthy fish to the show! Treat fish with problems and leave them at home!


Several days before the show:

·         Stop all feeding to purge fish.

·         Pan each fish.

·         Examine each fish including belly and gills. Make sure fish are healthy.

·         Measure each fish.

·         If you can, place fish in a clean, algae-free isolation tank to purge fish.

·         Take pictures of your fish. 


Transporting your fish to the show:

Equipment needed:

    • Clear, sturdy plastic bags.
    • Rubber bands, 3/8” size.
    • Sturdy cardboard boxes with bottoms well sealed, coolers, or totes.  Containers need to be  longer than your fish and have light-sealed tops.  Provide extra padding on sides and ends if needed.
    • Ammonia neutralizer such as Chloram-X.
    • Optional: ice packs, oxygen for filling bags (recommended), other medications & mild tranquilizers.

Bagging your fish:

·         Use double, or even triple, bags in case one leaks.

·         In the bag have enough water to cover the fish’s gill plates.  Air/oxygen is more important than excess water and lighter too.

·         Larger koi, over 24” should be in individual bags.

·         Smaller koi, two per bag as they travel better with a buddy.

·         Add ammonia neutralizer and other medications per your personal preferences.

·         Add oxygen, or, for short durations of less than an hour including benching time, lots of air.  Do not exhale into the bag as your expired air contains too little oxygen too much CO2.

·         Wrap bags securely with rubber bands to make watertight seals.

·         Add optional ice pack, well wrapped in newspaper, to bottom of box.

·         Place bags in boxes with pointed corners of bag lying horizontal, not vertical.


·         Place boxes across the vehicle so fish are pointed towards the side of the vehicle, not towards the front or back of the vehicle.  The boxes should preferably be between the rear wheel wells.  By doing this, during light acceleration and stopping the fish will roll gently with the curvature of the bag.  Be gentle going around corners so as to not bang nose or tails into boxes.

Show Etiquette


·         During judging, please refrain from all communications, verbal & emotional, with our Judges.  (After the judging is over, the judges will be happy to discuss their decisions with you.) 

  • Respect the decisions of the Judges.
  • Keep all food, beverages and tobacco away from the show tanks.
  • Do not feed the fish or put anything into the tanks.
  • Keep your hands out of the tanks.
  • Do not tap sides of tanks
  • Do not remove air stones, handle nets or handle panning tubs.
  • Respect the feelings of your fellow hobbyist.
  • Explain the above etiquette to non-exhibitors and visitors as needed.



General Conditions:

1.      Show will be English Style.  Each entrant will have his or her own tank.

2.      Each entrant must be a member of an AKCA or PNKCA affiliated club.

3.      Each entrant must a hobbyists and must own the fish.  Fish vendors and spouses are prohibited from entry.  Within reason, fish vendors’ children are allowed to enter – contact a Show Chairman for questions.

4.      At discretion of the Show Chairpersons and/or Judges, categories may be combined or expanded, depending upon number of fish entered in the category or in the show.

5.      Judges may reclassify any fish to another category, (except Gin Rin and Doitsu,) and correct size.

6.      The show chairpersons and/or the judges as appropriate shall decide any questions or disputes.

7.      To reserve a tank space, complete the application, enclose appropriate fees and mail ASAP.  All applications and fees must be received by July 9, 2012.  No extra tank spaces will be available after July 10, 2012


Equipment provided by the clubs:

1.      Show tanks with net cover, air supply and air stone.

2.      Panning tub (22”).

3.      Oxygen at check out.


Fish check in:

1.      Saturday, July 14th , 7:00 am to 10:00 am.

2.      Complete entry form for each koi.

3.      Float your koi in their bags in your assigned tank.  Once temperatures equalize you may release your fish.  Please do not dump bag water into your tank.

4.      Stay nearby your tank if until check in process has been completed.

5.      If you wish to enter Kin Gin Rin or Doitsu in another class you must make the decision upon entry.  Neither you nor the judges can change these after entry.

6.      Fish are to remain on exhibit until check-out time.  Entrants who remove their fish early face disqualification.

7.      All reasonable and prudent care will be taken by the club to safeguard the fish.  NO ONE IS TO HANDLE, FEED, CLEAN, ADJUST OR CHANGE THE ENVIROMENT OF THE FISH except the Show Chairpersons, Water Quality persons or their designees.



1.      Judges decisions are final


Fish check out:

1.      Check out is Saturday following the banquet or Sunday morning before 10:00am.

2.      The club will provide oxygen at check out.

3.      Entrants are to provide their own bags, rubber bands and carrying containers. 

4.      Entrants are responsible to net and bag their own fish.




We strictly enforce bio-security to help protect your koi.  Each entrant brings his own net.  We have separate panning tubs for each tank.  Fish handlers and judges are required to do hand washing between handling koi from different tanks.  Individual disposable oxygen nozzles are provided at check out.  Tanks are adequately spaced or splash shields are erected. 


We use a flow-thru water system changing about 10+% of a tank’s water every hour.  Expected water parameters: pH 7.5; kH 120; Chlorine -0-; temperature 60º to 70º F.  ChloramX is continuously added to the incoming water to treat 3 ppm of ammonia and to remove any chlorine if in incoming water.

Koi Entry

To help speed entry, please email this form to as soon as you know the koi you will be entering.  Otherwise, or if any changes, please bring this form with you Saturday morning with your koi.

If you require 2 tanks, please fill out separate form for each..


Tank # ________


Name: _________________________________________________        



If you are not sure of the size or variety, add ? after your best guess.


SIZES:                        #1 (up to 9”)   #2 (over 9” to 12”)  #3 (over 12” to 16”)   #4 (over 16” to 20”)   #5 (over 20” to 24”)    #6 (over 24” to 28”)    #7 (over 28”) 


Varieties:                    Kohaku                                                 Sanke                         Showa

Utsuri                                          Bekko                     Asagi/Shusui                                            Goromo                                   Goshiki                                   Hikari Muji                                 Hikari Moyo                            Tancho                                   Kawarigoi                                   Kin Gin Rin                             Doitsu                          Longfin 


Koi #                                 Variety                                    Size #


1.                                         ________________________________  ________


2.                                         ________________________________  ________


3.                                         ________________________________  ________


4.                                         ________________________________  ________


5.                                         ________________________________  ________


6.                                         ________________________________  ________


7.                                         ________________________________  ________


8.                                         ________________________________  ________


9.                                         ________________________________  ________


10.                                    ________________________________  ________


11.                                    ________________________________  ________


12.                                    ________________________________  ________




Koi Tank Reservation

Return with fees as soon as possible

to guarantee your tank space



Owner: __________________________________________   Club Affiliation: _____________________


Address: _________________________________   City_______________  State: ____  Zip: __________


Home phone: __________________ Cell: _________________ Email:____________________________


Entry Fee per tank space:  $50.00

Number of tank spaces requested:  ____ X $50.00 = Total Entry Fee $_________ 


Tank size & number requested:  6’____ ; 8’____.


I will be providing my own tanks: Spaces requested: 6’____; 8’____. 

Tanks must be blue, Pearls of Paradise tanks with a side drain.


8’ tanks are limited.  Please request this size only if you have very large koi or are entering a large

number of koi.

8’ tanks will be awarded in order of paid entry fees.  If you do not believe you require an 8’ tank,

as a courtesy to those that really need this size tank, please request a 6’ tank.


As this is a one-day show using treated flow-thru water, please use your own judgment of how

many koi you wish to put in your tank.  If you need guidelines, please contact either of the show chairs.



Make check payable to:   John Seifert (show co-chair)

Mail to:                                    10304 E Upriver Dr

                                        Spokane WA 99206 


Or you can reserve your tank and pay by credit card:

Visa ___  MasterCard ___ Card No.:________________________________

Expiration date ____/_____/______  3 digit security code ________

(Charges will show on your statement as “Kichi Systems LLC”)



Your reservation for a tank or space will not be guaranteed until your entry fee has been received.


IEWGKS and NIKK will make reasonable and prudent efforts to safeguard the koi entered

in this show. 


By participating in this show, the entrant(s) agrees to assume all risks associated with entry of koi in this show.








A delicious, gourmet dinner to please the discerning palate – Enjoy!



ENTRÉE:          Chicken Saltimbocca

Chicken breasts wrapped around prosciutto ham and provolone cheese, served with a delicious butter wine sauce

SIDE:                Roasted  seasonal vegetables with red potatoes

SALAD:            Spinach salad with strawberries, mushrooms, red onions, toasted almonds, feta    

                        cheese and homemade poppy seed dressing

BREAD:            Dinner rolls with butter

DESSERT:        A variety of luscious desserts such as brownies, lemon, pecan, and raspberry bars

BEVERAGE:     Lemonade, iced tea, coffee 

(You may bring your own adult beverage if desired)


2012 Inland Northwest Koi Show & Workshop

Awards Banquet Reservation

Saturday, July 14, 2012 5:30 pm


Reservations must be received by July 6, 2012



Name ________________________________

Address ______________________________


Telephone ____________________________

Email ________________________________


Cost per person                                 $19.00     


Number attending                              _______


Total                                                   $_______


Please make a check payable to Linda Seifert (Separate from your koi entry fee)

Mail to Linda Seifert, 10304 E Upriver Dr, Spokane WA 99206



You may pay by credit card:

Visa ___  MasterCard ___ Card No.:________________________________

Expiration date ____/_____/______  3 digit security code ________

(Charges will show on your statement as “Kichi Systems LLC”)