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Ron was kind enough to give us an update on his project - when he gives us more updates, we'll add it here!!

Quarantine System:

The Q building has two roughly 4'x8'x 4ft deep tanks. Each one ends up hold slightly over 800 gals.  I run a constant water feed (thru a carbon filter) & over flow to drain, it normally runs about 15% a day, but I can raise or lower it as much as is needed. I've started a 150gal a day RO system on here too.

Lighting is a combination of skylights, 400w metal halides & florescent lights.


In my old filtration system, I pulled up from an inside the liner 2" bottom drain to the pump strainer packed with filter pad material and pump back up to a 30 gal moving bed Kaldnes filter, then gravity overflow back to the main tank.







In the new shower system, I still pull up from an inside the liner 2" bottom drain, then thru the wall to the pump, an Ultima II 2,000gph bead filter, a 40 watt UV light and then return back to the shower trays. The trays are sitting on 8" angle brackets screwed to the wall.

The shower trays are 30in flower trays from Lowes with lots of 1/4" holes drilled about 1" apart in the top 3 trays. The bottom tray has a 3" drain and elbow returning back to the tank. I used 5"plastic flower pots in each tray to support the nested trays. The media is about 2 gals of 1 1/2" bio balls per tray. My normal water turnover thru the trays is about 900gph.

This system is allowing me to maintain 100% Oxygen saturation, good in tank circulation and has no pump noise or vibration to stress the fish.

Pond Filtration Remodel:

The pond is 7,300 gal and turns over thru the filters about once an hour. I have a 10% or more constant feed & over flow to drain system running and I'm running a 600 gal per day RO system.


In the old system, I came off two 4" pond bottom drains to the prefilter chamber, then to two 55 gal moving bed Kaldnes barrels, next to suspended Jmat, then to the pump, UV lights and back to the pond.






In the new system, I come from each bottom drain directly to their own Cetus micro screen prefilter, next to the pump, then over to the shower trays and return back to the pond. On the separate skimmer circuit, I come thru a Savio skimmer to the pump, to an Advantage 10 bead filter, to the UV lights and back to the pond.



As the pictures show, we buried a lot of piping. During the cold weather, we tent & heat the pond, so to help insulate the piping; we sleeved all the pond water pipes with the next size larger pipe.